Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Welcome to Blog Bits!

Blog Bits Mission Statement: Providing tutorials for Blogger Bloggists in visual, bite-sized chunks.

I started Blog Bits after posting a few blogging tutorials on my Close to My Heart papercrafting blog and receiving positive feedback from them.  There seems to be a real need for short and sweet visual tutorials that teach one "bit" of Blogger platform blogging at a time.

What credentials do I have to be posting tutorials on the 'net?  Well, actually...none at all....

Not really.  I do have some experience with online curriculum development.  For the past 12 1/2 years, I've been teaching accounting at a local community college in a jobshare position.  My fabulous job partner and I have had full responsibility for curriculum development, including online and hybrid curriculum.  So, I do have a huge passion for education and teaching, and learning for that matter!  But, I'm not an expert, and I welcome suggestions at any time on a better way to do things, or corrections to my material!

This blog is, of course, completely free for your use.  But, let's face it, developing tutorials takes time!  And you know the saying...time is money.  If you find any of my tutorials helpful and are in the position to support my endeavor to teach blogger "bit by bit", I'd gratefully accept donations...a paypal button is set up   If you're not at a place where you want or are able to donate, you're still very welcome to hang out and learn as much as you can.

Comments, Suggestions, and Topic Requests are Most Welcome!

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